Curtis McDowell, PE

McDowell, PE



Curtis McDowell graduated from North Carolina State University in 1998 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and has been licensed as a Professional Engineer in the State of North Carolina since 2004. He is the President of McDowell Engineers & Associates and has also served the North Carolina Department of Transportation Rail Division for 21 years in various capacities including the last 10 years as Chief Mechanical Engineer. Mr. McDowell oversees the Equipment Engineering Department for NCDOT which includes alternative fuels projects, railcar refurbishment and locomotive rebuild projects, and new equipment procurement. His past experience includes assignments with Downer EDi Rail in Sydney and Newcastle, Australia assisting with new locomotive design rollout and testing of the SCT GT46 ACe locomotives as well as locomotive maintenance engineering for the Pacific National fleet. He also served for 8 years as a Relief Trainmaster on the American Orient Express luxury train and 7 years on the FRA track geometry and inspection trains.